My House of Life

My House of Life | edgeofaword

I built my house of life when I was young and inexperienced. With those experiences, dreams, and hopes that I had. Straw, polystyrene, rubber bands, and double-sided tape made up the walls, roof, and floors. Rickety and cracked, exposed to wind and high water, it has clung on. In a constant state of maintenance. But the rubber bands keep on breaking. The polystyrene has long since crumbled. The straws are broken, and the tape is all but dry. The pink wallpaper has long since faded.

I want to build a new house of life.

I will build a new house of life. With those experiences, dreams, and hopes that I have now. More matured and ready. This time I will build with stones, concrete, steel, and thick wooden logs. I will spend time. All the time that I need. I will consider every stone, every log. I will place them where they fit best. I will make sure there are no holes and cracks. I will wait until I am ready for each new part. I will carefully consider each new addition. Everything on a solid foundation.

My new house of life.

My House of Life | edgeofaword

My new house of life will have triple-glazed windows, all of which can be opened. Opened without the walls falling in. My new door will be thick and solid. With a lock that will never seize up. The roof will be water-tight. The chimney will be tall. The house will be large, solid, and safe. With open, bright rooms and plenty of space. Every room will have its own purpose. Every room its own colour, across the spectrum in a rainbow.

My eternal house of life.

My eternal house of life will be full of joie de vivre. Full of acceptance, honesty, and respect. Faith, hope, and love. My house will stand steady, come rain or shine. There will be room for dark thoughts and room for bright thoughts. There will be a fireplace for cold days and a fan for warm days. My eternal house of life will be open to everything. Have room for everything. All future experiences, dreams, and hopes. And it will handle it. My house of life will not collapse again.

My eternal, joyous house of life.


Translated by Stine-Marie.